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We offer Ireland biometric passports with RFID-chips which are model 2021. Holders aged 18 or over can keep their passports for 10 years, while those aged 18 or under can keep them for five years. The standard document consists of 32 pages. Passports with 66 pages are available to travelers who travel abroad frequently. There will be an additional charge of 100 USD.

In the EU and in Switzerland, Irish citizens can travel, live, and work freely wherever they wish. Dublin’s Passport Office, part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, issues Irish passports. Ireland has had biometric passports since 2006. A biometric chip can be found on the top-left corner of the passport card, which contains an image of the holder’s face, as well as a copy of the information printed on the card.

A passport issued by Ireland is known as an Irish passport. Ireland’s passport is a document that is used overseas and proves the holder’s citizenship of the European Union and nationality as an Irish citizen. Furthermore, it makes it possible to access consular assistance abroad from Irish embassies as well as from countries of the European Union.

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