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How to Get A Cyprus Drivers License

How to get a cyprus drivers license? Getting a driver’s license in Cyprus before you start driving is the first and safest thing to do. This keeps you away from the police and equally helps you to get away with silly accidents that are rampant in the country.But How to get a Cyprus driver’s license is a call for concern to many foreigners as well as young people living in the country. 

How to get a cyprus drivers license

This article helps you understand everything you need to know about getting a driver’s license in Cyprus. Applicants need to submit the following documents at the Department of Transport (DoRT) in order to obtain a licence to enable them to learn to drive.

Obtaining a provisional driving permit requires you to pass both theory and eyesight tests. This test can either be taken immediately or you can schedule an appointment with the examiner to return on a more convenient date.

Test topics include traffic signs and the Highway Code. Verbal exams will be administered in Greek or English.
€10 will be charged.

To receive your provisional license, bring the pass document and the documents and fee listed below to the front office.

The following documents are required to obtain a Cyprus learner's / student's license:

  1. Residents Permit
  2. Two passport style photographs 40×35
  3. Produce evidence that you have been resident in Cyprus for six months eg. utility bill. If you don’t have this, or similar proof, you will need to attend the office to find out what might be acceptable in your case.
  4. The appropriate fee
  5. Passport and copy of the page containing the holder’s information.
  6. The verbal theory test pass slip

Learner / student driving licenses cost €20 and have a one-year validity period.

One month before the expiration of the old license can be used to renew a driving license.Obtaining a Cyprus license. Typically, applications should be submitted in person at the District Offices of the Department of Transportation, the Post Office CSC at District Post Offices, with the credentials listed below. Citizen Service Centers or Post Office Customer Service Centers are both recommended.

Can I Use And International Drivers License To Drive In Cyprus?

Your international license can be used in Cyprus as long as it is recognized by the government and is permitted to be used internationally. You can drive on a full EU license if you’re a resident of Cyprus and from the EU until its validity expires.The following must apply for your license to be used in Cyprus.

) it is valid,

) you have reached the minimum ages applicable in Cyprus.

) the license was issued by an EU member state,


If your license is issued in a country other than the one you live in, you cannot change the address. There is no problem with the address being from the issuing country and being out of date within the rules.


Holders Of Drivers License From Third World Countries

People from Third world countries living in Cyprus always have a hard time acquiring a Cyprus driver’s license. This is where we come in, documentation global can help you get an authentic fake Cyprus driver’s license at very affordable prices that can pass verification by the police or traffic control officers. But if you wish to get a real Cyprus drivers license,

You will need to have a driving license granted by the government of your province or territory in order to legally drive in Cyprus. Your license must always be on you while driving. You can drive anywhere in Cyprus with your license.

Once you arrive in Cyprus, you’ll likely be able to drive using the license you have from your home country for a short time. Consult your province or territory for further details.

You should obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) in your home country if you plan on driving in Cyprus using your foreign driver’s license.

You will receive a French and English translation of your license from an IDP.

In Cyprus, drivers’ licences are issued based on your driving background and the province or territory where you reside. Among these factors are:

A written test on the rules of the road (you can get a study guide to help you with this).
A driving test or two.
If you decide to take driving lessons to prepare for your driving test, you will need to pay for them. You can find driving lessons online.

You will need to renew your license every now and then once you get one. Your license will have an expiration date on it.

For more information on driver’s licences, driving tests, and driving lessons, contact your province or territory’s transportation department.

For more information about how to get a fake drivers license in Cyprus, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How To Buy A Fake Cyprus Drivers License

If you are looking for a fake drivers license in Cyprus, you have come to the right place, please do follow the steps below to apply for a fake cyprus drivers license from us, We do take 48 hours after we have talk with you to get the fake Cyprus drivers license ready to be delivered to to. We do ship the documents to your home address or any choosen location of your choice. all your need is send us the below details for your drivers license.

  1. Passport size photograph
  2. Full Names
  3. Address You to be put on the driver License

For Cyprus Drivers license we do charge between $450 to $1000 depending if you want it to be authentic that can pass verification or not.

What are the Risk Involve In Using A Fake Drivers License In Cyprus

Fake Drivers License In Cyprus

If you need your Cyprus License to be used out of the country, there are little or no risk involve. But if you are willing to use the document in Cyprus, Then you will need to get a Verifiable Cyprus driver License to avoid getting problems. You are risk to get the following problems using an unverifiable Fake Cyprus Drivers License

  1. your risk being cought by the police in case of over speeding and or car documents checks. If your Cypruse drivers license cannot be Verified by the police, You stand the risk of being arrested.
  2.  You may be charged with Forgery if your driver License cannot be Verified.
  3. You stand to face between 1 to 5 years prison terms.

We advice our customers to always make sure if they are planning to use this Drivers License in Cyprus or in any EU country, They should always try to get the Verifiable one.

Can I Buy A Car In Cyprus With A Fake Cyprus Drivers License

Yes, You can definately buy a car and register the insurance with a fake cyprus drivers license in cyprus. This is because the car seller and the insursance company do not Verify the documents upon sale of the car or registering the car under their insurance company. But in case of accident and police involvement, your license could be confesticated if there is any checkup.


Getting a fake Drivers License here in Cyprus is easy and very cost effective, you can equally use it for many things other than driving. Teens can use this drivers license as ID Card to buy alcohol or get into clubs that they are restricted. Documentation Global produces authentic fake cyprus driver license that of cause can pass verification checks and can be use to drive within and out of Cyprus.

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