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High Quality Fake High School Diplomas and Transcripts

With FREE shipping, you can receive a high-quality fake diploma or transcript for as little as $49 each! Our diplomas are available in three of the most common styles used by American high schools, are printed on heavy-weight textured ivory linen paper, and include an embossed gold raised foil seal at no additional charge! We simply need the name of the high school, the city and state where it is located, the student’s name, the date of graduation, and the titles of the school officials who signed the diploma. We are confident that you will be amazed with the look, feel, and quality of our diploma once you receive it!

We offer high quality fake high school diplomas and transcripts for sale.

Getting a high quality high school diploma and transcript online can be very expensive sometimes, but buying from our website, you are guarantee to get high quality authentic documents that can help you secure a job or admission into other schools abroad if that is what you are aiming at. Our prices are moderate and we have a great review so you can always check our review page to know what you are buying before you proceed. Buying Fake documents from USA we do offer free shipping within the USA and we charge extra cost for shipping if you are located out of the USA.

High Quality Fake High School Diplomas and Transcripts

Diploma from a traditional high school

Upon graduating from high school, a student receives a high school diploma. High school diplomas are typically earned after four years of study, from 9th to 12th grade. Diplomas are awarded in accordance with state and provincial requirements. Different diploma requirements may apply to different streams or levels of high school graduation, depending on the jurisdiction. Coursework that meets certain criteria for a given stream and a passing grade on the state exit exam are usually required.

Traditional High School diploma

Diploma with four signatures from a traditional high school

High schools of all sizes use this extensively on the East coast, and in the Midwest. Small, thick lettering requires extreme precision when printing. Contact us with your details to get started.

  • 1980s to present
  • Printed/foil seal – other options available
  • Different fonts styling
  • 4 signatures
  • Cream color paper
  • with Transcript option +$42
Diploma with four signatures from a traditional high school

High School Diploma with a contemporary focus

If students complete their course of study at any international Schools successfully, they will receive an accredited high school diploma. By creating their own programs, students pursuing this qualification can pick from a wide variety of traditional and contemporary subjects.

Many subjects are offered as advanced academic rigor courses, including Advanced Placement and IB Diplomas. There are numerous courses to choose from, allowing students to specialize in particular areas of interest and ability, or to meet the admissions requirements of more-narrowly focused national education systems.

The ACS High School Diploma (US) meets the admission requirements for US colleges and universities. A student must gain a minimum of 20 credits in acceptable High School courses, and must complete at least one semester of Senior Year at ACS in order to be eligible. Here at documentation global, we can get you an authentic certificate from ACS without your attending the school or taking any exams.

High quality fake High School Diplomas and transcripts

Transcripts of a fake high school

For as little as $89, you can have a fake high school diploma and transcript sent to you!

Order a Novelty High School Diploma & Transcript Package

Transcripts are printed on authentic document security paper and contain all the information that a real high school transcript would, such as the school’s name and address, student’s name, student ID number, and graduation date. They offer classes in many of the most commonly studied subject areas in high schools across the country, such as: Science, English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Social Studies, and more. Additionally, you can customize your transcript by taking foreign language classes such as French, German, Latin, or Spanish. For extra realism, you can also include SAT and ACT scores, Official Transcript stamps, embossed registrar seals, and “Unofficial if Opened” envelopes.

Our diplomas come with a State Board of Education raised gold foil seal for no additional fee!

Computer-generated signatures on sample diplomas.

There is also an option for handwritten signatures and blank signature lines.

Document security paper in light blue is used for all High School transcripts.

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