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Finland Visiting Visa

Finland Visiting Visa

The Ultimate Guide to Finland Tourist Visas for Indians

Finland Visiting Visa! A visual feast awaits you in Finland, a country known for its thousand lakes. This small nation boasts over 18000 stunning lakes, green low lying hills, and the stunning northern lights including the aurora borealis, making it worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. As a result of Finland’s tourist visa, tourists now have a much easier time visiting this amazing country.

What is Finland Schengen Tourist Visa?

Tourists visiting Finland for a period of 90 days within 180 days are eligible to obtain these Finland Schengen visas. A single entry stamp, a multiple entry stamp, or a double entry stamp is available. Visas with multiple entries are also available. A permit allows you to go sightseeing, participate in adventure activities, enjoy leisure activities, and take holidays. Other Schengen nations or some countries with visa exemptions do not require a specific entry permit. For up to 90 days, they do not need to obtain additional documentation.

How to Apply for Finland Tourist Visa?

Finland tourist visa applications are processed online from India. In spite of this, applications must be submitted offline. Visa Application Centres (VAC) have been contracted by the Embassy of Finland to handle all its visa services. Applications are accepted by the embassy on a limited basis each week. It is important to verify that you are eligible for the tourist type before you begin your application. Following is the procedure you should follow:

  1. Prepare all the required documents in accordance with the requirements.
  2. Log into the application portal on the VAC’s website.
  3. Make sure all the relevant information is filled out on the application form. You should print out the confirmation email you receive after submitting your application.
  4. The next step is to schedule an appointment with the VAC, or the embassy (if available). Alternatively, you can use the VAC’s online platform to contact the respective center.tment with your documents, application form, and fees. You will also have to submit your biometrics here.

You do not have to submit your biometrics again if you have already submitted them within the last five years. As a result, you are not required to attend the appointment center in person.

Make sure the details you provide are accurate and that you submit all of the required documentation. If you submit incorrect information, don’t follow the correct procedure, or submit fake documents, you may be denied a visa.

Eligibility for Finland Schengen Tourist Visa

The following conditions must be met for you to be eligible for the tourist category –

  • While applying from within your country, you must be present in that country.
  • It is possible to apply for a residence permit from a foreign nation if you are residing there with a residence permit.
  • It is necessary for you to possess a passport that is valid for at least six months following the date of travel, along with any old passports.
  • It must be solely for tourism purposes that you are visiting.
  • In order to stay in the country, you must show proof of sufficient funds.
  • To apply for a permit, you must meet the following criteria –

You only want to visit Finland, or You will spend the majority of your time in Finland, if it is one of your multiple Schengen destinations, or you will be spending time in all your other destinations where Finland is the port of entry.

Documents Required for Finland Tourist Visa

As per the Schengen Finland tourist visa requirements, the documents necessary for this category of the Finland Schengen visa are as follows. You must ensure that all the documents have been translated into English, Finnish, or Swedish.

  • A valid Passport- 
    1. The passport should consist of at least 2 blank pages.
    2. It should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended travel.
    3. Passports issued beyond 10 years are not accepted.
    4. Old passports, if any, are to be attached.
  • Covering letter – 
    1. The letter should include the applicant’s basic details such as name, designation, address, passport number, etc.
    2. It should clearly mention the person providing the funds. 
    3. It should clearly state the purpose and duration of the visit.
    4. It should be signed by the applicant and addressed to the Finnish embassy.
  • Travel itinerary/documents – 
    1. A day wise travel itinerary 
    2. Confirmed flight tickets
    3. Proof of accommodation 
  • Medical travel insurance covering expenses up to 30000 Euros
  • Proof of occupation – 
  • If employed 
    1. Employment contract copy, Employee ID card copy
    2. Letter from employer stating sanction of leave for the travel period
    3. NOC (No objection certificate) from the company
  • If self-employed
    1. A copy of the business license
    2. Copy in the commerce register or as a partner in a company
  • If student
    1. Letter granting leave for the travel period
    2. Proof of admission
    3. NOC from the institution
  • If retired
    1. Pension statement of the latest 6 months
    2. Copy of Retirement letter/relieving letter
  • Financial documents –
    1. Personal bank statements for the last 3 months or copy of updated passbook showing sufficient funds, or
    2. Income tax papers/salary slips (If employed). 
    3. Income tax statement of the last 3 years or form no 16 ( if self-employed).

Schengen Finland Tourist Visa Photo Specifications

  • Dimensions:  35mm X 45mm
  • Colour: Coloured 
  • Head must occupy the central position

The Finland Tourist Visa Photo Specifications are mentioned below –

Schengen Finland Tourist Visa Photo Specifications
  • Background: Solid, plain white or grey
  • Must be recently captured within the last 3 months
  • Neutral expression
  • 80% face coverage
  • Glasses: Non-thick framed and prescription are permitted
  • Facial hair – permitted
  • Headgears are allowed only for religious reasons

Finland Tourist Visa Processing Time

Several factors determine the length of time it takes to process an Indian citizen’s application for a Finland tourist visa, including the number of entries, the volume of applications at the embassy, and any additional paperwork required. There is normally a 15-day turnaround time on the application. Because of this uncertainty, it is suggested that you apply as far in advance as possible.

Finland Tourist Visa Fees

There are a number of costs associated with the process—entry fees, biometric charges, express processing fees, and any other service charges that may apply. Foreign exchange rates also play a role. Therefore, it is essential that you confirm the exact amount before applying.

EntryStay DurationValidityFees
Multiple entry Normal90 days3 months 8606.0
Multiple entry Normal90 days3 months 6600.0
Multiple entry Normal90 days3 months 6600.0
Multiple entry Normal90 days3 months 6600.0
Multiple entry Normal90 days3 months 6600.0
Multiple entry Normal90 days3 months 8606.0

After Submission

Your application will begin processing as soon as you have submitted it and paid the fees. You will be contacted if additional documentation is required by the embassy. The VAC will deliver it to you at a price once it is approved or you can pick it up from the VAC when it is approved.

How to Check Visa Status

The VAC website offers a tracking portal where you can enter your application number and name while waiting for your result. Alternatively, your travel agency can assist you in tracking it.

When you have this visa

The following points should be kept in mind before and during your stay in the country when you possess this permit –

  • Always carry a copy of your passport and other travel documents while you are travelling within the country to avoid unnecessary problems. 
  • You cannot extend the permit unless in extreme circumstances.
  • While you are on a tourist permit, you cannot take part in any work. Unpaid voluntary or charity work is permissible.
  • You are permitted to visit any of the Schengen nations while you are on this visa.
  • Keep in mind the visa expiry date, as well as the number of entries on the sticker. You must not stay in the country beyond this allowed period.

Frequently Asked Questions

These permits are typically not extendable, just like other Schengen permits. It may, however, be possible to extend your deadlinesa in certain extreme cases, such as Force Majeure and other humanitarian reasons. The rest of the country must be left before your visa expires. A person who stays back after this commits an offense.

You soon as your permit expires, you can no longer stay here. It is an offense to stay back beyond this period. You can be deported and even banned from reentering the country if you do this. In the case of extreme unforeseeable circumstances, you may apply for an extension if you wish to stay longer.

There is no requirement for medical tests since the tourist permit is valid for only 90 days. Health requirements may be required for resident permits for longer periods of time.It is always recommended that you undergo a medical exam before traveling abroad.

Finland visas cannot be converted between types. Permits issued under the Schengen category cannot be converted. Consequently, if you want to work in Finland, you must exit the country, then apply for the work permit from your home country depending on your eligibility.

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