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Finland Residence permit card

Finland Residence permit card

Finland Residence permit card

A residence permit card will be issued to you if you are granted a residence permit. Here at documentation global, We are able to help you facilitate the issuing of your residence permit and or help you get a new one. We have agents working hard every day to help people secure a Finland Residence Permit.

In the case of a Finnish application

You will receive your Matkahuolto card within two weeks of receiving a decision. The Matkahuolto service point address, the Matkahuolto consignment number and the last day the card is still available for collection will be informed to you by email and text message when your matkahuolto card arrives. The Matkahuolto notification of arrival will be mailed to you if you do not have a phone number or an email address.

Bring the following with you when you pick up your card:

  • Consignment number and message from Matkahuolto
  • In this case, it is the Barcode on the certificate that contains the PIN code (the PIN code is the barcode on the certificate) necessary for the collection of the residence permit in question.
  • If your application is still pending, you can print out a new certificate through your Enter Finland account.
  • Once a decision has been issued to your paper application, a new certificate will be mailed to you at your home address.

In the event that your application was submitted outside Finland

The Finnish embassy will send you the card.

In the event that you do not receive your residence permit card within six weeks after you make your decision, please contact the Finnish Immigration Service at

The fast track service allows you to apply for a residence permit within a short period of time

If you wish to receive your residence permit card abroad or in Finland, you can choose which country you wish to receive it from.
When submitting your fast-track application, if you come from a visa-free country or have applied for a D visa, you can receive the card in Finland.

If you choose to receive your residence permit card in Finland, it will be delivered to one of the Matkahuolto service points within two weeks after the decision has been made. Based on the address in Finland that you provided in your application, we determine the nearest service point. In the event that you receive the card, you will receive an email and text message informing you of its arrival. You will receive a notice from Matkahuolto regarding the arrival of the card, as well as the address and the last date when you can pick it up.

In order to receive your residence permit card abroad and prove your identity, you must provide proof of your identity

  • An application will be submitted to a VFS Global application center and will be sent to the nearest Finnish mission (embassy or consulate).
  • You will receive the card at the Finnish mission (embassy or consulate) where you verified your identity.

Some general details

There are two fingerprints and a facial image on the chip of the residence permit card. It is necessary to renew the card every five years in order to ensure data security.

The residence permit card indicates the validity period of your permit. By applying for a new residence permit card, you cannot extend your permit if it expires. An extended permit is what you need instead.

It is not necessary to apply for a new permanent residence permit if your current one is about to expire. A new card is all that is required. Five-year renewals are required for permanent residence permits.

New residence permit cards will be issued by the Finnish Immigration Service by the end of September 2020. You still have time to use your current card before it expires. Changing your card does not require you to replace your current one. A resident permit card is valid for five years if, for example, you have recently received a permanent residency permit. It is then possible to replace your old card with a new one. The processing fee for the renewal of a residence permit card must be paid if you want your card replaced sooner.

A residence permit card contains the following information:

It is printed on the card how long the residence permit is valid for.

1. A permit can be issued for the following reasons:

  • A = Permit to reside continuously
  • B = Permit to stay temporarily
  • P = Permit to reside permanently
  • P-EU or P-EY = Permit for long-term residence in the EU issued to a third-country national.

2. Prior to the expiration date, the card must be renewed.

The field “HUOMAUTUKSIA/ANMÄRKNINGAR” (remarks) on the front side of the card: 

3. Customer number for the Finnish Immigration Service.

4. Printed on the card is a section of the Aliens Act that reveals the extent of the card holder’s right to work.

  • An employee’s residence permit (TTOL) only includes a statement about his or her right to work on the back. Detailed descriptions of the right to work are usually present on the back of a residence permit for an employed person, regardless of the extent of their right to work.

On the back of the card is the field “HUOMAUTUKSIA/ANM*RKNINGAR” (remarks):

5. This field can be used to enter any information relevant to the permit Additional details, such as the right to work, should be included in this field. This field describes the details of the work rights included in a residence permit for an employed person (TTOL). A permit holder may also need to provide details on the employer and the industries in which he or she can work.

Contents of a residence permit card

1. It is printed on the card how long the residence permit is valid. PYSYV*/PERMANENT appears on the card if the residency permit is permanent.

2. A permit may be granted based on the following grounds:

  • A = Permit to reside continuously
  • B = Permit to reside temporarily
  • P = Permit to reside permanently
  • P-EU or P-EY = EU residence permit for a third-country national for living in the EU for an extended period of time

3. Card holders’ right to work is indicated by the section of the Aliens Act printed on their card. An employed person’s TTOL is their residence permit. Permit holders are then listed according to the industries they may work in.

4. Customer number for the Finnish Immigration Service.

5. Renewing the card must be done before this date.

Brexit residence permit card

1. A permit can be issued for the following reasons:

  • Article 50 of the EU withdrawal agreement = Continuity of residence according to the withdrawal agreement
  • Article 50 of the SEU withdrawal agreement = Acquired right to permanent residence

Renewal of residence permit card

Obtaining a residence permitLink to an external website There is a five-year validity period on this certificate. As a result, biometric identifiers are contained on the chip of the card.

To ensure the data security of the chip, the card needs to be renewed every five years.

Your residence permit card will tell you the validity period of your right of residence if you have a fixed-term permit. If your residence permit is about to expire, you should apply for an extension.

The validity period of your residency permit card is printed on the card if you hold a permanent residence permit. Renewal of your residence permit card should be requested before it expires.

You should renew your card before your old card expires if you want to renew it in Enter Finland. Enter Finland does not require you to go to a service point before your card expires when you apply. The service point can be visited later if you prefer.

The residence permit card can only be renewed in Finland.

This is what you should do

For a residence permit or residence card renewal through entering Finland, complete the “Renewal of residence permit card or residence card for a family member of an EU citizen” application link to an external website, Opens in a new tab”.

The Finnish Immigration Service accepts payments through entering Finland or at service points later.

Make an appointment in our appointment system for identification at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service after submitting your application by entering FinlandLink to an external website, Opens in a new tab

Our appointment system can be used if you are unable to use Enter Finland. Enter Finland is the only website where you can complete your application form in advance.

If your application has not already been paid for through entering Finland, you will be charged a processing fee at the service point. After the validity of your previous residence permit card has expired, you can hand it over at the service point.

  • It costs 54 euros to renew a residence permit card.
  • Replace a lost residence permit card with a new one for 120 euros.
  • Passports that are valid
    • Obtaining a photograph retrieval code from a photo shop or a passport photo no older than six months
    • A copy of your passport page containing your personal information, along with a copy of every page of your passport
    • If the guardian is not accompanying the child to the service point, then you need a written consent from them
    • In case your card has been lost or stolen, you will need to file a police report

A decision will be made within two weeks, and the card will be delivered to Matkahuolto within two weeks. The Matkahuolto service point address and the last day when the card is still available for collection will be included in the notification email and text message when the card arrives. Those without telephone numbers or email addresses will receive Matkahuolto’s arrival notification by mail.

Your card can be collected by bringing the following items:

  • This message contains details about the shipment from Matkahuolto, including the consignment number
  • A certificate with a PIN code is required for the collection of a pending residence permit application (The PIN code is the bar code on the certificate).
    • The new certificate of a pending application can be printed out by logging into your Enter Finland account.
    • Upon receiving a decision on your paper application, you will receive a new certificate of a pending application at your home address.

Request an extension of your permit. On your residence permit card, you will find the validity period of your right of residence, or residence permit.

Only apply for a new card in the following situations:

The back of the card will tell you if the card is valid.

No matter how late you submit your application, your right to work will not be terminated. You may be fined if you do not renew your residence permit card within the specified timeframe.

You should notify the police if you lose or steal your card.
Your card should be reported to the police in Finland and to the authorities in the country in which it was lost or stolen.


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