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We offer real and fake passports. Here you can not only buy fake documents online but get the officially registered records which can pass & match all the security layers of official agencies/govt database records

Real & Fake Passport
Fake and Real Passport

Authentic Biometric Docs will help you process and registered your passport with government authorities and travelling agencies that will ensure your safe travelling to other countries of your choice.

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For orders less than $500, We do offer free shipping of fake and real passport,drivers licenses and diplomas to your door steps. We ship as discrete packages that is insured by the courier agency.

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If a client is not satisfy with our product or services after he or she has done payment and wish to return the documents and get back their money, Authentic Biometric Dos haves a well organized return and refunds policy which is very fast.

Buy Fake and Real Documents

No Funds Dwindling

You can reach your desired destination without having to lose mind over the original that was lost. They are perfect dupes that shall help you get through serious situations without time wastage.

Registered Drivers License

We offer Real and Fake Driving Licenses.Order Now and choose your destination country out of 249 countries

Buy Fake and Real Documents

Real and Fake Diploma

There can be certificates which have 100% authenticity and are the exact match of the original documents. You can also opt for fake certificates where the templates and content are newly designed just to suit your requirement.


Fake and Real Document

We offer all kind of Legal, Real, Fake Documents for Passports, ID/SSN Card, Visa, Undetectable Fake Bank notes, School University Diplomas and Degrees including IELTS, TOEFL & Residence Permanent Permits.

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We have notice that many fake website steal some information from our website like Images,text or Video. Please you should be careful out there. Buy Passport online has the sole copyrights in regards to the images and videos published on our website.

False documents look like real ones and have got all security means so that you can rest assured that no one will visually find out they are fake

But Keep in mind that these documents won’t pass database checks as no valid information will show up. If you need something to be used for scanning, order registered documents now from documentation global


Review from clients that have deal with us and are very satisfy with our services

I was skeptical at first to use an online company to expedite my passport, but using this company ales all of the troubles of the entire passport production process. I did the 5-day expedited service, and the communication from the support staff was great. I received my new passport and my original documents 2 days early thanthey said. I highly recommend using this company whether you need your newpassport or just other documents. Thank you!

Charline Conrad

Texas Usa

Your service is excellent. The support was very cooperative and their response was very timely and helpful. I really appreciate a job well done.


 I contacted Authentic Biometric Docs for help because i needed to travel out of the country. They were so professional in providing me with all the necessary documentation this Covid-19 era requires. Thanks alot

Briana Luke

Business Tycoon

Interested in Vaccination Passport?

Contact Authentic Biometric Docs for all necessary covid-19 travelling documents at affordable prices for sale. All our documents are biometric and authentic and will get through all governmental and agency check points.


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